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This is a place where you can tell us about your missing cat were we can not only post on this page but also 2 per week will be put on the front page of the site to attract even more publicity. Let's see if some Teamwork Reunites some cats with their homes.

Missing Cats

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Let’s Stay Safe Out Their Guy’s

With winter fast approaching and you are looking forward to celebrating Diwali, Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas (DON’T FORGET PRESENTS) and New Year's Eve it is a good idea to consider that some of us are frightened by fireworks. Fireworks can make us (NOT ME OF COURSE U UNDERSTAND) anxious and stressed due to the loud bangs and unpredictable noises but there are ways you can help us (so listen ok HUMANS). We might use the flight/fight response where some of us do become aggressive or fearful. But the most common response is the flight response where my friends will run and hide. This, unfortunately, can cause some of us to go missing and get trapped in places, or lost further from our normal boundaries. (BUT OF COURSE, THAT’S NOT ME IM JUST PLAYING ALONG SO MY FRIENDS ARE NOT EMBARRASSED YOU UNDERSTAND)


Top Tips To Keep Us Safe (Humans Listen!!!)

It is best to keep us indoors from late afternoon and overnight with lots of hiding places so some of us can hide safely until the fireworks are finished. (of course, im just looking for a more comfy bed u understand)

Try not to handle me, and just let me do what I want to do as you could become injured if  I am startled. (so don’t blame me if I hurt u I did warn you)

lock my door (cat flap to you) and windows and pull the curtains / close the blinds. (I like it cosy)

Play soothing music in the background (I Like That).

Use the nice smell (Feliway to u) to help us keep us calm (it is a good idea to plug the smelly thing (Feliway ) in a couple of weeks before firework season).

If I  seem very distressed feel free to call my friend's on 01903 830577 for further advice as some of us will need calming supplements or medication to help get me (hum no I mean them ) through the firework season.


thank u for listening 

as told to Amanda



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