Mewsletter October 2017

Hi everyone well what can I say a massive thank you for all your stories, poems etc we were not able to fit them all in the Mewsletter so I wanted to dedicate and place all your amazing contributions on the website. 

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as have had showcasing them


This is Jessie who I have given a forever home, I have had her for two and a half years, Jessie and I bonded straight away.  When I collected her from Worthing Cat Welfare as soon as we got home within ten minutes Jessie was on my lap and purring happily.  Jessie has also bonded with my husband as well which is wonderful we love her so much.  She is fun to play with and soothes my nerves when I am worked up and keeps me calm which is a wonderful gift as I have a bad heart. Thank you, Jackie, Worthing Cat Welfare. Yvonne

It was several years ago whilst volunteering in the WCW shop that I first came across the 'new man in my life.'

A customer came in but was crying as her elderly sister had just died. She said, "We don't know what to do with Toby.I would have him, but as we have so many pets already, my husband has said- no more." 

Iris was in the shop and agreed immediately to take him. As he was located near my workplace Will ('the old man in my life') agreed we would collect him.

Toby yowled sadly from his carrier in the back of the car but we dropped him off and thought no more of it. He was 16 + years old, overweight and alive with fleas. 

Several years later...please see attached photos. He now comes with us to our boat and proudly wears his 'Pirate' collar. His favourite place is next to the wood burner.He has also recently been camping! 20 years young and much loved. Dawn

When we adopted Chi and Oki we decided to change their names that was around three years ago so here’s who they became. Pashmina Karnak is a handsome Siamese He has soft fur and a very loud yowl and he likes eating peas! We mostly call him Pasha coz it’s easier to say He loves a lap and he loves a game and he wants eight meals a day!  And then there’s Mrs De Nozo she’s a rather tubby cat Which is odd, coz Pasha eats the most we’re pretty sure of that! She’s supposed to be a Siamese and she has got deep blue eyes But a Siamese who’s tabby all over is rather a surprise! She talks in a contralto voice and her purr is loud and deep As she nestles in your armpit when you’re trying to go to sleep!

They chase each other sometimes but the next moment when you look round They’ve cuddled up together and they’re sleeping safe and sound. So we love having them with us and as far as we can tell They’ve settled in very comfortably-they think we keep their home quite well!

Gareth & Pippa Suggett 

Bella came into our lives through WCWT in 2009.  A very anxious girl who had had a very hard start in life, she slowly settled in and in time decided she could be happy with us.  It took a long time until I could even briefly pick her up and even longer until she felt able to sit on my lap, but we got there and she is now a wonderful affectionate family member.  She is a delight, very sweet, sometimes cheeky and truly lives up to her name!

With best wishes and thanks to all at WCWT. Alison Miller 😻

 I did adopt a cat from WCW just

before Christmas in 2014. He was originally named Smudge, but (as he had

no smudge) I renamed him Sam, an all black short haired, now 5yrs old.

I have had a lot of cats and most of them have been black, mainly because I not only love black cats, but they are always the ones overlooked. Sam had been fostered for 3 months before I took him home.

He is a beautiful boy with huge eyes and is the bossiest cat I've ever had! He is also has a bit of a reputation as the neighbourhood mugger

(sometimes I think he doesn't realize he has been neutered), and he can put most dogs in their place. Strangely, when a stray tomcat came to visit (eventually Jackie found him a new home), Sam didn't mind him and even let him come in the house. Who knows what goes on in a cat's mind?

I hope people realize that black cats are often very friendly and laid

back and make great companions.

Kind Regards,

Sue Lukey

On 29 June 2012, following a meeting/home check with Jackie Riddles, my partner and I took a trip to Angmering. I had decided it was time for another fur baby in our lives, having sadly lost our beloved Muffin that February, just before his 11th birthday.

At the cattery, so many appealing faces. But Pyewackett? That was a different name! 

Along with her feisty character, the slender black Golden Oldie in the cage at the end of the row caught my eye; and despite the hissing and spitting, she was the one who just had to come home with us. We never knew her history, but from several of her reactions, especially to doors and feet, I would say she had been badly treated and would need time to build up trust again.

5 years and 2 house moves later, Pye has become a real lap cat. She had now reached the age of 14, and so sleeps much of the time. She has gone a bit deaf, and she came with a kidney condition which means she is on a special diet, but that has never been a problem.  As part of WCWT Golden Oldie Scheme, Pet Doctors at Rustington take very good care of her.  (Although David the vet did say once she was one of his least favourite patients - there is a battle royal every time we visit to get her out of the basket, resulting in many scratches and teeth marks to whoever goes near. It’s funny how such lovely people can sometimes bring out the worst behaviour!)

But we wouldn’t change her for the world and love having her around. As they say - ‘Life is nothing without friendship and a cat’.


Kind regards,

Yvonne Newsom