CATS SOMETIMES GO MISSING…. However well you look after, love and care for your cat, occasionally they may go wandering or get lost. Here are some measures you should take to help you prevent your cat from ‘wandering off, or find your cat again in the event of him/her going missing.

SPAY/NEUTER YOUR CAT ~ Neutered cats will not wander so far (into unfamiliar neighbourhoods or over busy roads) or fight so much. Neutering also reduces the risk of ovarian and testicular cancer.

KEEP YOUR CAT IN AT NIGHT ~ It’s a good idea to get your cat into the habit of going out during the day and staying in during the night. “Night is a more dangerous time to be out and about,” says the Feline Advisory Bureau. “There are more wild animals around and cats can be dazzled by car headlights on the road.” If your cat fights with other cats in the neighbourhood, it can pick up diseases, the most serious of which is the feline immunodeficiency virus (also known as feline AIDS). This can be contracted through saliva and blood when cats fight.

MICROCHIP YOUR CAT ~ Microchipping is another way to guard against a lost pet. A microchip is a tiny identification chip injected under your pet’s skin. It is read with a special scanner that most welfare officers and vet clinics have. Many vets are now offering microchipping at very low prices, especially if done at the same time as neutering.

KEEP RECENT PHOTOS OF YOUR CAT ~ If your cat goes missing, many ‘lost & found’ registers will add a photo of your ‘lost’ cat. This will make it very much easier for the public to recognise a stray. All cats have individual looks, but these are virtually impossible to explain without a photo.

GOING ON HOLIDAY? ~ It is better to be ‘Safe than Sorry’! We regularly have cats registered as lost as a result of their owners going on holiday. A pampered cat will not understand suddenly being left on his/her own, even though you have a friend or neighbour coming in regularly to feed you cat. A lonely cat will go looking for affection elsewhere and in some instances where the cat has recently moved, it will try to find it’s way back to it’s previous home. If you are going away there are some excellent catteries who will care for your cat and you can enjoy your holiday knowing that your cat is safe and ready to be collected on your return.

If you really cannot face the idea of your cat being away form home, or you have a more than one cat, then think about having a friend or relative to stay in your home for the time you are away. In this way you can protect your home and your cat(s).

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