Hello All


I don't know if you remember in our last Mewsletter I wrote about a little cat that I was fostering who was very frightened, traumatised and covered in bleeding weeping sores. She spent most of her time on top of the door, but I did say I hoped we would become friends. Well I am extremely pleased to tell you all that with time and love and patience, this little girl recovered so well that she has found her forever home with a new 'Daddy ‘Last I heard from Mike, she had him wrapped around her little paw!!! It’s such a great feeling to know that little cat recovered from her trauma and learned to trust again

Took in another cat on good Friday, a very sweet girl, but over the weekend she had this awful discharge, I took her to cat’s whiskers on Tuesday and her Pyometra, which is an infection in the womb, and it fills up with pus (sorry hope you’re not eating) She was spayed and put on antibiotics, and is now back with me to recover, although I must say she never looked ill or went off her food. It is a life-threatening illness, so that must be one of her nine lives used.

We have had quite a few changes within the trust since our last Mewsletter, the most of you will know about by now the closure of the Guildbourne centre. I will write more further on in the Mewsletter.

We hope to see you at our A.G.M on the 8th of July at the Adlington Hotel at 10am for 10:30 It would be lovely to meet our friend’s supporters and fellow cat lovers.