A KITTEN’S PLEA  by Paula Blake

Dear humans, there’s something I’d like you to know, I didn’t ask to be born, I didn’t just grow!

My dad, as kitten, was acquired on a whim, by a couple who forgot they should NEUTER him!

My mum, from a pet shop, was bought for a child and she never got SPAYED and was left to run wild

Mum and dad only did what nature intended, so they cannot be blamed for how it has ended,

My brothers and sisters and poor little me, got born in a broken down shed, you see,

Our mum’s done her best and is feeding us still but she’s thin and cold and feeling quite ill,

Our dad has gone now ‘cos he got in a fight, and died all alone on an old building site.

Us kittens are flea–ridden, wormy and sad, our coats are tatty and our tummies are bad,

Will someone give Worthing Cat Welfare a bell? And help us to find a way out of this hell?

In Worthing Cat welfare we’ll place all our Trust, they’ll feed us and vet us and give us some fuss!

In a while we’ll be ready to find a new home, please don’t overlook our mum ‘cos she’s grown!

There’s other cats too and some of them old, needing warm laps and love and arms to enfold,

You’ll never have mice or a problem with rats, if you give a good home to one or two cats!

Food costs are high, the vet’s bills are worse, so please  donate a bit from your purse!

Most of all, dear humans, please NEUTER and SPAY, ‘cos we don’t want to end up being a stray,

We’re just poor dumb animals, so all we can do is  Hope for the best and depend upon YOU!

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