A Cats Life


I was rescued a long while ago

And my new owners called me Joe.

I let them play with me everyday

But I don't let them have it all their way.

You see if I'm smart they will never know

That it's me who decides when to come or go.


Food can sometimes be a bit much,

Like its either too cold or too hot to the touch.

Some of my friends say they don't have a choice

But I just leave, then I raise my voice

it takes a while to get the right dinner

but once they catch on your onto a winner.


We live in a road at number seven, and now

I have trained them its just like heaven.

I still go on fridays to number four

I can usually get in through their back door

Old Bert and Flo always have fish

and Flo makes a lovely Haddock dish.


I used to have breakfast at number two

A lovely couple and good cooks too

But now they haver babies who are sick and smelly

I'm not surprised they eat yoghurt and jelly

I don't think I'll go there anymore

I'll wait till their older thats for sure.


There are some things more important than meals

like cars and bikes or anything on wheels

lots of drivers think they can see

But the moment you hear one, quick climb up a tree

Get to know your neighbourhood pets

you don't want to end up going to the vets


I never go near number five

the man has a mastiff who would eat me alive

It frightens the children and barks all day

my advice is to always keep out of the way

Numbers one and three are now empty again

the squatters moved in young lads in the main


Now I'm indoors the days battles won

I am welcomed home like the prodigal son

the fire is so warm my armchair so soft

I am petted and cuddled and held aloft

I am so very glad  that I found this home

When I was abandoned and left to roam.